Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"How come nobody has found a dead body?"

I have lived in Western North Carolina my entire life. During which, I have spent a great deal in the woods and roaming around the mountains. I know that there are black bears in my area. I have seen a few up close, and plenty of their tracks, but I have to say that I have never came across the dead body of a black bear just lying out in the woods. The woods have their own cleaning crews. Scavengers can reduce a dead body rather quickly, and bones can be dragged away and eaten as well because we all know how much dogs of all species love bones. The marrow within is just too much to resist and has a high nutritional value. So people have seen bears in the area, tracks have been found. However, could I say that there are no bears here based on the fact that I have never came across a dead one?
There are other theories as well. One is the possibility that the Sasquatch bury their dead. Another is that the bodies of the deceased creatures are cannibalized. However I believe scavenges are the most likely.

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